How to maintain a Telegram channel correctly?

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The Basic recommendations for the management of Telegram of channels:

  1. Remember that you can not deviate from the topic of the channel. If you have, for example, content dedicated to Cycling, you should not score tape funny pictures about cats. Users want to see quality content that they are interested in.

  2. Don't impose your opinion. Of course, if you have interesting information that relates to the subject of the channel, it should be shared with those who read you. But at the same time, you should not present your opinion as an unshakable rule. For example, if your channel is dedicated to football Championships, you should not paint in colors and details what you think about the judge who was wrong during the match.

  3. Don't get carried away with frequent posting. Since all the news that appear on the channel, come to users by push-notification, few people will be pleased if his phone will constantly report the news in the tape. It is also worth considering the fact that one user can be subscribed to 10-20 channels. And if all of them will start to send an infinite number of notification, then the person most likely to accomplish your goal. Because try to post 2-3 news a day. Some channels will need more or fewer posts, depending on the channel's theme.

  4. Make sure to constantly warm up interest in your channel. There are many examples when the Telegram channel perfectly started, interested in the content... and then just "deflated", rolled down to the repost of the already well-known content. Most often people just unsubscribe from such channels.

  5. Keep an eye on what kind of advertising you host. If you still decide to advertise on your channel, remember that it should be thematic. If you have a channel dedicated to the education of children, it is not necessary to advertise the sale of Central heating radiators. It is possible to advertise baby food or educational institutions! It is also not necessary to place an advertisement that is not true. This can include advertisements about how to lose weight in 2 days by 40 kg, about miracle knives that never need to be sharpened, and other tricks of "marketers"

  6. No "long posts". If a person wants to read an encyclopedia, he can go to the library. Posts on the Telegram channel should be capacious and concentrated. But if you still have an extensive theme, use formatting, such as Markdown markup.

  7. Decorate your posts Nicely, use hashtags. Try making posts to prevent "dry". Add pictures or gifs, use Emoji when you speak on a particular topic, do not forget to make beautiful covers for publication. Ideally, it is better not to use typical pictures and demotivators, but to create your own. To do this, there are a lot of free online applications, which quickly make your individual picture is not such a problem.

  8. Watch your audience regularly. You can use an Amplifer to track audience interest. It helps to track statistics not only in the Telegram, but also in the connected pages from the social network.networks'. Remember that if you have 10,000 subscribers, and 2-3 people participate in the comments, one of them is your mother, then you are definitely doing something wrong. Better less audience, but active than a million "dogs". You can also conduct periodic surveys to track your audience to see if your content is interesting to people, what they would like to add or remove from the channel.

  9. Mutual PR. One of the common methods for channel promotion (you can read more in this article). But see if you agreed with any channel of mutual advertising, then make a post correctly. There is no need for meager and monotonous sentences: "an Interesting channel. Recommend.» If this is really high-quality content that will interest your audience, then write down all the advantages of the channel you are advertising. Explain to people why they should subscribe to this channel. And demand from partners the same approach to advertising your channel.

  10. Use atypical formats for the material you are publishing. It can be audio messages, videos, pictures, gifs, surveys. Remember that there, on the other side of the screen are living people who should be interested in reading you. And you, too, are a living person who is ready and willing to communicate, discuss common topics, argue and come to a consensus. Readers should know that you hear them, you value them and their opinion plays an important role for you.

  11. Regularly clean the channel from bots and inactive users, because it is very harmful to the reputation of the channel. If a person sees that there are a lot of subscribers on the channel, and the activity is zero, believe me, he just does not want to subscribe to your Telegram channel.

In General, there are no complicated or impossible recommendations on how to maintain a channel in a Telegram correctly.
The main and unshakable-your channel should be interesting, informative and active.
Keep the channel thinking about your audience, and then you will succeed!

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