How to add a contact to Telegram?

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One of the first questions that a user asks himself after installing Telegrams is how to add a contact. If you have installed the application on a mobile phone, the problem should not be so sharp, because all your phone book is automatically integrated into the messenger, but if you have installed a version for your computer may be a little trouble, in this article we will try to consider all possible options to add a contact to any device.

On the phone
In every modern smartphone has a phone book, it is from there takes all the contacts of Telegrams and it is there that you can add a new one directly from the application, for this:

  1. Go to the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three bars, in the left right corner.
  2. In the menu that opens, select Contacts.
  3. In the upper right corner, click on + and add a new interlocutor, specifying his name, surname and phone number.

Invite friends
If you want to chat with someone who doesn't have a Telegram account yet, invite them. To do this, in the same section, click on Invite Friends (Invite friends) in the menu that opens, select where you want to invite the interlocutor, it can be social. network or other messenger, you can SMS if you have an iPhone, this is the only option. Your friend will receive a message with a link to the application, downloading which he will be able to create an account and start communicating with you.

Add a contact by name
In Telegrams, you can specify two common names that you wrote during registration and a user Name (Username), the first name is displayed in your profile and search for it will work only if it is recorded in the phone book. Instead, the user Name is a unique identifier by which you can perform a global search. Search by Username is carried out as well as by phone book by clicking on the magnifying glass image in the Contacts section, with the only difference that you can use only Latin letters for the search.

on the computer
If you have installed Telegrams on your computer, but this is your first installation and the application on your phone has never been activated under this account, you will not have any contacts, because there is no phone book on your computer from which you can integrate them. There are two ways out of this situation:
  1. Activate messenger on your phone, then it will be able to copy contacts from your phone and use them on your PC.
  2. Add contacts manually.
Using the second option You need to go to the menu (three bars at the top left), in the Contacts section, there click Add contact, enter the phone number and name. Or find the contact you need By username (Username), in this case, use the search using Latin letters.

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