How do I delete a message in Telegram?

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In telegrams, you can delete a message not only at yourself, but also at the interlocutor. This will help to avoid awkward situations when you make a wrong contact or just blurted out too much. If you react quickly enough, you can save the day, and you can erase old messages as well.

How to erase a message on your phone
In order to erase the sent text from the interlocutor it is necessary to hold it and confirm the deletion in the opened window. Once you check the box and click "OK", the text will disappear and your opponent. Messages in groups are deleted in the same way, but it is worth noting that only the administrator has this right. In order to erase the correspondence completely, you need to click on three dots in the upper corner of the screen and select "delete chat"in the drop-down menu. Complete the action by clicking "Ok".

How to delete a message on your computer
In the chat window, right - click on the message you want to delete and confirm the action - "delete message". By checking the box, erase the sent message and the chat participant. You can destroy the dialog completely by clicking on the menu button in the form of three dots in the chat. Select the column " delete conversation "and confirm - "delete". The history of the conversation between users will be completely destroyed.

Self-Destruct correspondence
To automatically destroy conversations between users is better to use a secret chat. Due to the fact that the correspondence is not copied anywhere, and when you delete it, it is impossible to restore it, all communication will be anonymous. Once you have created it, you can set it to automatically destroy the dialog at a certain time interval. The timer can be set in the intervals from 1 second to 1 week.

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