How do I delete my account in Telegram?

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Delete Telegram account is very simple, but it is necessary to understand that in this case all your correspondence will be deleted along with your account, and photos, videos and other files that you exchanged in the chat, stored provided that you have downloaded them to your device. It is necessary to think carefully before you completely erase all information about your profile in Telegram, you may have sent an important message about which you have forgotten and will regret that you have not saved. But if you are determined and confident that nothing valuable will not lose, then use this small instruction.

  1. In any browser, click the link https://t.me/auth?to=deactivate (be careful and make sure that the domain is written correctly, scammers are not asleep).
  2. On the site, enter the phone number of the account you want to delete.
  3. After that, the messenger will receive a message with a password, please note that the message does not come by SMS, and directly to Telegram, so you can read it not only on your phone but also on your computer, unless of course you have a version for PC.
  4. Enter the password from the message in the browser.
  5. If the password is correct, you can proceed to the next step. In the window that opens, select-Deactivate account.
  6. Telegram messenger Developers are trying to make their product better, and You can tell them what they are doing wrong by specifying the reason for deleting your profile. To do this, write a few words in the field - Why are you living? (Why Are you leaving). Unless of course you want, but not necessarily. Then click on Done.
  7. The System will ask you again if you are sure you want to delete your account and will warn you that you will not be able to register a new one on the same phone number within a few days. Click on Yes, delete my account, if it suits You.
  8. You will Then see a message that your account has been successfully deleted.

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