The fate of Telegram after blocking

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Telegram's Fate after blocking: analytical data
More than a month has passed since Telegram was blocked. Pavel Durov promises not to give up, Roskomnadzor bends its line, and users are finding more and more ways to circumvent the new ban. Let's analyze the situation from all sides and see how active the audience of the messenger is now and what happened to its popularity – whether it fell or not.

Active audience: 7% reduction
After the experts analyzed the activity of almost 3 000 000 users subscribed to Russian – language channels, it became clear that the audience activity fell by as much as 7 %. Fortunately, this figure can not be taken into account, especially since there is an opinion that the real figure is even less To get the most accurate results, the experts evaluated the activity of users before April 15 and after blocking. Be sure to take into account the natural outflow of users, which through foreign channels was about 5 %. If we analyze all the data, then for Russia the real decline is almost invisible-only 2 %.

Views: 15% reduction
Recently, posts in telegram-channels began to gain about 15 % less views than it was before blocking. Of course, this figure is not particularly critical, because, most likely, the reason for this decline lies in the outflow of users and the may holidays, which always distract users from social networks. As a confirmation of this, we can give an example of the first day of January – then the sagging views reached an impressive mark of 28 %.

Posts: 2% reduction
The number of posts published by users has not changed. Of course, some surge of activity was observed, but experts attribute this to the blocking – everyone wanted to Express their opinion and discuss it with the audience. Returned and a state media that had allegedly abandoned their channels, fearing the wrath of the authorities.

The advertising Market: the situation is unchanged
Promotional activity has remained unchanged. Yes, after it was announced about the emergency blocking of the messenger, large customers began to freeze the placement, but it was enough for them for a short time – soon the advertising of famous brands reappeared in the channels. Thus, on the basis of the above data, we can draw the following conclusion: although the influx of new Telegram users into Russian – language channels has decreased, it is not necessary to say that the potential of marketing communications leaves-so far the situation is stable. According to experts, the actions of Roskomnadzor have led to the fact that the total financial damage caused to Russian companies as a result of blocking Telegram, amounted to more than 1 000 000 dollars. And this is a huge amount, especially when you consider that the system responsible for recording data on the lock, takes 117 000 annually. So, although Roskomnadzor considers himself a" master of blocking", yet to such a" professional " as the may holidays, he is still very far away.

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