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PSYKOTIK PANDA is a web3 ecosystem set up and developed by the INSIDE "INSANE IDENTITY" team in January 2022. ​ Focused on communication and the sharing of solutions, PSYKOTIK PANDA wants to be a research laboratory in Human solutions. A kind of decentralized school where web education is done in a fun and benevolent way. ​ The community (Thousands of members across all networks), also has an active web radio (PPRADIO), online 24 hours a day and which offers live streams 6 days a week. ​ ​ PSYKOTIK PANDA also has its own NFT (Non Fungible Token) universe with its own collection of cards and a game in development. ​ PSYKOTIK PANDA also benefits from all the expertise and skills of the INSIDE team for the development of tools and applications for its ecosystem. (KSOS / ART TOKEN / ETC...)
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