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Official Telegram Channel @designers Telegram Designers (Number of subscribers 52792)
Feature suggestions for Telegram from designers all over the world

UI/UX Designer (Number of subscribers 24447)
🍥 uxidesign 🍥

Ponchik News: Design+ Strategy (Number of subscribers 15260)
Design, product, behavior change, psychology. Alex Ivanov is a product designer and strategist @ Directly in San Francisco. Ex-IDEO, Philips Design & SYPartners. @alexivanov

Architecure Design 🙂 (Number of subscribers 12820)
Landscape design ideas for architects

Modern Arch & Design 📐📏 (Number of subscribers 2693)
A channel for the architecture and design community around the world. 🔹 Architecture 🔹 Interiors 🔹 Designs 🔹 Concepts 🔹 Sketches 🔹 News 🔹 Talks

Desi viral video (Number of subscribers 770)
18+ Desi viral video