User agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) defines the relationship between the site all-catalog.net represented by the site administrator, hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration, and the user - a capable individual using the site all-catalog.ru (hereinafter referred to as the Site) under the terms of this Agreement.
  1. Concepts and Definitions:
  2. 1.1. Site - an Internet site used as proprietary for the purpose of providing services in the interests of User.
    1.2. Registration as a User - sequential execution of all the actions listed on the Site Registration page, implying voluntary, full and unconditional acceptance of all provisions of this Agreements.
  3. Subject matter of the Agreement.
  4. 2.1. The Site Administration, using the Site functionality, provides the User with information services, both on on a reimbursable or gratuitous basis for the sale of materials posted on the Site.
  5. Obligations and rights of the Site Administration.
  6. 3.1. Obligations of the Site Administration:
    3.1.1. Provide the User with round-the-clock access to the Site in in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, with the exception of periods of suspension of the Site on the basis of Art. 3.2.2.
    3.1.2. Take generally accepted technical and organizational measures to ensure safety of the User's information.
    3.1.3. Strictly observe the privacy policy of all-catalog.net.
    3.1.4. To provide services using the functionality of the Site in the interests of the User.
    3.1.5. Inform in a timely manner site user about the upcoming preventive maintenance on the site.
    3.2. Site Administration Rights:
    3.2.1. Make changes and additions to the text of the Agreement in accordance with Ch. 7.
    3.2.2. Suspend the operation of the Site, upon detection of significant malfunctions, errors and failures in hardware and software, as well as in in order to carry out preventive work and prevent cases of unauthorized access to the Site.
    3.2.3. Carry out, at your own discretion and at any time, various, including promotions, to attract registered Users and other third parties to use the functionality of the Site.
    3.2.4. Use Cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other contact details specified by the User on the Site for mailing of text and graphic information of an advertising nature. The user gives permission to the Site Administration to collect, process and store your personal data, as well as to send text and graphic information of an advertising nature.
    3.2.5. The Site Administration has the right, at its sole discretion, to change (moderate) and / or delete any information published by Users that violates the prohibitions established by Ch. 6 of this Agreement, suspend, restrict or terminate access to all or any of the sections or services of the Site at any time for any reason or without explanation, with or without prior notice such.
    3.2.6. The Site Administration has the right to delete the User's account and (or) suspend, restrict or terminate his access to any of the services of the Site if he finds that, in her opinion, such a User represents a threat to the Site and (or) other users.
  7. Responsibilities and rights of the User.
  8. 4.1. Obligations of the User:
    4.1.1. Strictly comply with the privacy policy of all-catalog.net, and to comply with prohibitions and restrictions (Chapter 6).
    4.1.2. To independently familiarize yourself with possible changes in the conditions of this Agreement, described in Chapter 7.
    4.1.3. Take no action that could directly or indirectly lead to losses and / or indirect damage to the Site Administration, including due to the loss of its business reputation, as well as interfere with the normal functioning of the Site by any means.
    4.1.4. Provide at registration up-to-date and reliable information about yourself in accordance with the requirements specified on the registration page, and also update the information provided during registration in the personal account on the Site in case of its change.
    4.1.5. Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the login and password for authorization on the Site.
    4.1.6. Pay services provided by the Site Administration, or other materials obtained using the functionality of the Site on a reimbursable based on the established prices.
    4.2. User rights:
    4.2.1. The site user has the right use the resources of the Site to obtain information services and materials, if the user is a capable person who has reached the age of 18.
  9. Responsibility of the Parties.
  10. 5.1. The Site Administration is not responsible for full or partial interruptions in the Site's performance, related to the replacement / malfunction of equipment, software or carrying out repair, preventive and other works, the actions of providers or other reasons beyond the control of the Site Administration.
    5.2. Administration The site is not responsible for ensuring the security and correct operation of hardware and software. provision of the User used by him to access the Site.
    5.3. The Site Administration is not responsible for any damage and / or lost profit of the User and / or third parties, as a result of their use of the received services and / or purchased materials using the functionality of the Site.
    5.4. Any information posted on this The site distributed through the functionality of the Site is intended solely for informational purposes and cannot be practical recommendations for medical, psychological advice. If the user needs any practical assistance in the field of knowledge similar to the information posted on the Site - in this case, the user needs to contact a certified specialist. Otherwise, use information from the Site is possible only at your own peril and risk. The Site Administration does not confirm and is not responsible for the accuracy, the safety and reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or any other information displayed, uploaded or distributed through this Site or with a link to it.
    5.5. The user is solely responsible for proper fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the country - place his permanent residence.
  11. Bans and restrictions.
  12. The user is prohibited from:
    6.1. Use the services of the Site in any way that may interfere with their normal functioning.
    6.2. Mislead the Site Administration about their identity, deliberately distort idea of yourself, your age, personal qualities or your relationships with other users, persons or organizations.
    6.3. Post on the Site or in any other way distribute or bring to the public personal personal data, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passport data and other personal information of other users or any third parties without their personal written consent to such actions. Receive and extort confidential information from other users and (or) third parties.
    6.4. Post on the Site any files that contain or may contain viruses and / or other malware and links to them.
    6.5. Perform actions that are unfair advertising, anti-advertising of the Site.
    6.6. Commit other illegal actions against the administration of the site, other users of the site and third parties.
  13. Changes to the Agreement.
  14. 7.1. The Site Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change and / or supplement this Agreement at any time. The Site Administration will publish changes to the Agreement on this page. Further use of the resources of the Site by the User after any changes to the Agreement means acceptance of such changes / additions.
    7.2. The latest version of the Agreement supersedes all previous agreements between Site Administration and User. The previous version of the Agreement is considered invalid, loses its force and can no longer serve as a fundamental document governing the relationship between the User and the Administration Site. If the User disagrees with the changes and (or) additions to this Agreement, the User must stop using the resources of the Site.
  15. Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.
  16. 8.1. In the event of any disputes or disagreements related to the execution of this Agreement, the Parties will make every effort to resolve them through negotiations. If the Parties are unable to resolve the dispute between themselves by negotiations, the dispute is resolved in the authorized judicial authorities at the location of the defendant in accordance with the laws of the country of which the defendant is a resident.